Monday, October 5, 2009

A Overview of a Emilian Wehrle Rooster Clock

We have created a short two minute video to show and explain the inner workings of an Emilian Wehrle Rooster Clock. The Rooster clock was produced in very low numbers, and very few survived. We hope you enjoy this look into this special piece.

It truly makes one appreciate the innovation of Emilain Wehrle.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

A Basic Overview: A Emilian Wehrle Trumpeter Clock Movement

We always get emails from people asking, How does it work?

So... We decided to do some videos of our clocks inner workings and give a basic overview.

We hope you will enjoy this opportunity to take a peek into some seldom seen clocks, and leave with a better appreciation of Black Forest Horology.

We will try our best to add a new "how does it work video" each week.

This first video is of an Emilian Wehrle Trumpeter clock movement.

Emilian Wehrle made some fantastic musical clocks in Furtwangen Germany in the mid to late 19th C.

This movement is much larger and more substantial than it looks in the video.

The brass plates are the size of a yellow page phone book.It takes allot of power to generate the needed air pressure.



Knodelfresser in Action!

This is a short 1 minute video that shows the Black Forest Dumpling Eater in action.

Please also look at an earlier post made to the blog for lots of photos of the clocks and a detailed write up...and other videos of Black Forest Automa.