Saturday, December 19, 2009

"How it Works" A rare look into a Emilian Wehrle Singing Bird Clock

A Emilian Wehrle Singing Bird Clock is without question one of the hardest of all Wehrle's clocks to locate.

Because of this... there is little information out there regarding these pieces.

After posting on the singing bird clock, we have had several emails with people asking how it works...

We are always happy to share clocks in our collection with anyone who has an interest.

Below is a 4 minute video which gives a brief overview of the inner workings, and a look at the movement being put into action.

We hope this gives you a better understanding of the clock.

If you have a musical clock made by Emilian Wehrle (Trumpeter, Flute, Rooster or Singing Bird) that needs restoration, we are always happy to help with tips on restoation, or tuning of your clock. If we can not help you, we can always send you in the direction of someone who can.



Thursday, December 17, 2009

A Rare Emilian Wehrle Singing Bird Clock C.1875

This next piece is a fantastic Singing Bird Clock made in Furtwangen C.1875. This example in in a wonderful Neo-Classical style case. The case is a Dark Walnut, with Ebony trim and gold accents.

The movement in this clock is a very robust brass plate three train movement, the largest Emilian Wehrle made. This movement is 8 day time, strike on the hour, bird song, and automation.

Perched in an arch way on the top of the case is a large songbird, with animation to the head, beak and tail.

On the hour the bird comes alive, followed by the strike on a large gong.

The Singing bird clock is one of the hardest of all Emilian Wehrle's clocks to find. In fact you can count all known examples worldwide on your two hands.

We are very lucky to have captured two beautiful examples in our collection. Our other example is a carved wall model and is featured below on our site.

This clock was purchased through our website. We are always looking to add unique Black Forest Clocks to our private collection. If you have a clock you believe would be of interest please contact me directly at If you know where a fantastic clock is, that you do not own... we will pay finders fees for any clock purchased through a referral.