Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Rare Beha Cuckoo with Oil Painting and Double Eye Automation Augenwender

This next clock is a wonderful example of an early Beha picture frame cuckoo clock. Beha records show this clock was made in 1856, and as you can see from the photos it has survived very well.

The clock has a wonderful painting on zinc that is framed in a wonderful high gloss black frame with stenciled corners.

The painting behind the glass shows a hunter holding his gun with his dog. The dog is just about to flush the rabbit whose moments are clearly numbered.

They eye of the dog and the rabbit move with the swing of the pendulum. In most Black Forest clocks with eye automation, the automation scene is almost always above the dial. This clock is special as the automation action is below the dial, allowing the cuckoo bird to emerge from the tree within the painting.

The detail work on this clock is just fantastic.

The clock is equipped with a spring driven wood plate movement that will run for 50 hours. There is also a feature on this movement where with the pull of a lever through the side door the gong can be disabled quieting the call.

The clock is being shown here with the movement removed from the case in preparation for restoration.

We will update the post with a final photograph when the clock is finished.

We are always looking to add Black Forest clocks with paintings (tinplate) to our collection, both with and without cuckoo or automation.

If you have something you would like to share, I would love to hear from you.


Justin J. Miller