Thursday, May 24, 2012

Black Forest Apostle Clock Made by Gordian Hettich Sohn, Furtwangen "GHS"

Earlier we shared a very nice Black Forest apostle clock with you. Early last year we acquired this second example. This example is extremely original and untouched, and it has replaced the earlier example in our collection. Occasionally we find better examples of clocks that we already own and we are always interested in "upgrading" clocks in the collection. We are always looking to add quality Black Forest clocks to the collection. Please feel free to contact us at Our new book, Rare and Unusual Black Forest Clocks, goes into detail into the many variations of clocks with Automata produced in the Black Forest. TO learn more about our new book visit us HERE.

A Rare Black Forest Gothic Cuckoo Clock with Oil Painting by Samuel Kammerer

This is a magnificent cuckoo clock. Although we have many wonderful cuckoo clocks in our collection, there is something wonderful about this example that really makes it stand apart from the others. This clock seems to have it all. The large Gothic case is beautiful, it seems no details were spared in its construction. The clock has a large oil painting on zinc that fills the front panel of the case. The painting is done very well and is a lovely romantic Black Forest motif. The movement is a massive 8-day movement with a single fusee. The movement is signed "S. Kammerer Furtwangen #1" Samuel Kammerer made some of the highest quality cuckoo clocks to have ever come out of the Black Forest. Kammerer was also responsible for producing the robust brass plate movements used by Emilian Wehrle in his musical clocks. For more information on this clock, please visit our website at If you are interested in learning about the wide variety of cuckoo clocks made in the Black Forest our new book, Rare and Unusual Black Forest Clocks, goes into detail on the cuckoo clock covering many important makers from Johann Baptist Beha to Samuel Kammerer. You can learn more about our book HERE.

Rare Emilian Wehrle Rooster Clock with Exposed Rooster

This is one of two Rooster clocks in our collection. Although both were made by Emilian Wehrle at the end of the 19th century, this example varies from the other example in our collection. This example has the rooster exposed, perched on the top of the clock. At the top of the hour the rooster comes to life as the movement reproduces the roosters crow. To get a better look at the rooster clock please visit our website Our new book, Rare and Unusual Black Forest Clocks, also goes into detail on these rooster clocks giving information on the two main makers of Black Forest rooster clocks. The book also has five different examples shown in full color.

Rare Black Forest Glockenschläger Shield Automata

This is another wonderful example of shield automata in our collection. This example is a quarter striking automaton, known as a Glockenschläger or "Jacks and Bell" automata. In this clock the figures move in the opening of the shield to strike the bells announcing the quarter and full hours. This example has an early wood plate, wood-spindled movement, which is powered by ropes. C. 1825. The shield is decorated with a village scene, apple roses, fruit, and other floral elements. For more information on these early Black Forest automatons visit our website at Our new book titled, Rare and Unusual Black Forest Clocks, also goes into detail the wide variety of automata made in the Black Forest, along with descriptions of how the automata is produced.