Tuesday, February 17, 2009

C. 1890 Antique 5' Black Forest Hunter Musical Cuckoo Clock

This Clock is one of the largest carved clocks in our collection. At just a touch under 60 inches from the bottom of the carved game bag, to the tip of the stag's antler... this clock commands attention in any room.

While these large carved hunter cuckoo clocks can be found, to find one of this quality, and this early is very difficult. This is NOT a vintage piece! This clock was made in the black forest in the later 1880's... The movement in this piece is just massive. The plates of this robust movement are cast and held together with pins. The cuckoo bird is large and plump and sits on a wood perch. The detail in the carving is unreal... look at the thin carved ropes that hand the pheasent and the hare... no expense was spared on the construction of this BF monster.

The music box in this clock is one of the largest we have ever seen in a Wall cuckoo clock. This massive 5 tune box has a 2" cylinder and the bead platge is just shy of 8"!!!

This clock was in a very high end Black Forest Clock collection in Southern California. We purcahsed the whole collection of 24 clocks, just to obtain this piece.

It currently hangs over the fireplace in our entry of Black Forest USA!

If you have a passion for Black Forest Clocks... we are always interested in meeting other collectors. Feel free to send us an email anytime madeinfurtwangen@yahoo.com

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