Sunday, February 15, 2009

A Unique Cuckoo and Quail

This next piece is a very unique triple fusee shelf clock ,with an exposed cuckoo and quail.

This clock is large at 30” high X 22” wide X 8” deep. The walnut veneered case on this clock is interesting as it was constructed with lots of curves. The motif is eye appealing, with roses and vines below and birds and a nest on top.

Perched on the top of the clock is an oversize cuckoo and quail. These bird are about 2x the girth of a mans thumb and 5.5 inches from beak to tail.

The movement is a Brass plate triple fusee movement at over 9” wide it is made in the highest quality. This movement will run for 8 days.

The plates and gears in this clock are as robust as a Wehrle 8 day triple wind trumpeter movement. This clock was built to last.
Little is known about the history of this piece. Despite being privately held in the same collection for over 20 years until recently.

Still this clock is well recognized by Black Forest Clock enthusiast worldwide.

This is because in 1991 it was published in Rick Ortenburgers book, Black Forest Clocks (The most comprehensive Black Forest book ever published in English). This documentation was done with a full page write up in color (pg 40).

As a side note:
In another collection in the United States there is similar clock.
The case is identical in every way but ½ the size of this piece. The movement is a 50 hr wood plate movement… with an exposed cuckoo only. This other clock without question was made by Johann Baptist Beha.

The maker of this piece, has been identified as Samuel Kammerer of Furtwangen, due to several distinct features on the movement. He was also responsible for making the large three train brass movements used in Emilian Wehrle's musical clocks.

The size of this clock is truly deceiving. I have included a photo of the clock being held... to show the size of this piece.

Also it should be noted we are not aware of another shelf cuckoo anywhere with both an exposed cuckoo and quail.

If anyone has any information on another we would love to hear from you.



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