Friday, January 1, 2010

A Monumental Emilian Wehrle Musical Automata Clock

We just added this 50" Emilian Wehrle musical shelf clock to our collection.

This clock is exquisitely carved shelf example, made c 1880 in Furtwangen, Germany. There are 8 full relief live animals carved into this monster case. The top has a family of three mountain goats high up on a rocky ledge. Fern, grass, oak leafs and acorn make up the motif down the sides of the case. At the bottom of the forest floor there is a family of 5 birds with rocks and ferns.

This clock has the largest movement that Emilian Wehrle made. A 8 day three train (time, strike, and Music) movement. On the hour two large flute players step forward and one of two musical tunes is played on a rank of 8 wood pipes.

This clock is being showed as we purchased it. Although it is in excellent original condition.. it does need a musical overhaul and some minor carving work done (and one hand repair).We will be starting the work very soon, and will have the clock full restored by early spring.

We just purchased this clock in New York City, from the Schwartz family who have owned it for over 100 years. The current owners father immigrated to the US in 1890 and was a watch maker and jeweler. His main retail store "L.B. Schwartz" was located on the Corner of 5th Avenue and Bergen Street in Brooklyn, NY. This clock graced his flagship store until 1946.

Here is a photo of the L.B. Schwartz 1906 store in Brooklyn, NY

These two photos are of Mr. Schwartz behind the counter and at his work bench.

The clock was inherited by his son long ago now in his 80's... and through his research looking for a good home for this clock... We were contacted through our website, and a deal was struck. I personally flew out to NYC and safely collected the clock within 24 hours of making a deal.

We are always interested in hearing about other fantastic Black Forest Clocks, and will travel for good pieces.

If you have a Black Forest Clock that you believe we would be interested in, We would love to hear from you. We are always buying quality Black Forest Clocks to add to our private museum.


Justin J. Miller

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JULES said...

this is a great piece of sculpture !

a question for you about older cuckoos's in general.. What does restoring / replacing the bellow's do to the value of a older piece. ?

a facinated ...
julius rosen