Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Magnificent Black Forest Sorguhr Biedermeier Case

This clock is the newest addition to our collection. It just returned to us this week with a fresh overhaul to the movement, and minor restoration work to the case.

We have a passion for Black Forest miniatures, and were thrilled to be able to add this rare cased variety to our collection.

While the traditional Sorguhr consists of a embossed brass shield and enamel dial, there were many variations. This cased example is one of these many variations. Far less common than the traditional Sorg the movement inside this miniature case is true to the form...measuring at 2.5" in height, and 1.75 inches wide. The enamel dial uses Arabic numerals and measures in at 2.25". The case from the top of the finial to the bottom of bottom final is 10.5".

The miniature movement is constructed with wood plates and wood spindles. This example has both a time and strike train. The hours are struck on a small gong located on the backboard. The trains are positioned front to back, and both trains of the clock are powered by a single weight that hangs on a pulley that runs diagonally between the two trains.

We are always interested in meeting other collectors who have an interest in these Black Forest miniatures, both the Sorguhren and Jockele.



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