Sunday, June 5, 2011


This magnificent cuckoo clock was just returned to us from restoration this weekend, it has now been added into our permanent collection, and it is with great joy we can now display it here on our site.

The carving on this cuckoo clock is just magnificent. While many cuckoo clocks have carvings applied to the front of a pre-built wood housing this example is completely different in design.

The entire case of this clock is carved out of a single block of walnut. The back of this large block of wood is dished out to allow the wood plate 50 hour cuckoo movement to be installed.

The only piece that is carved from this main block of wood is the dial and "rope" bezel which is a second single piece unit.

Look at the detail on this clock. The animals are all in full relief with several points actually carved out from the main housing. The detail of the hunters rife and strap for the power horn are created in full relief from the same single block as the case. The carved who executed this clock was nothing short of a master.

The maker of this clock was Johann George Beha, a distant relative of the famous Johann Baptist, a very obscure and high quality maker who was mentored by Johann Baptist Beha. Additional details about this maker and the clocks he produced will be covered in detail in our book Rare and Unusual Black Forest Clocks.

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