Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Magnificent Bahnhäusle Tinplate Cuckoo Clock C 1860

We are pleased to be able to add this wonderful tin plate cuckoo clock to online museum.

Although we purchased this clock several years back through our website, it had been in a long line of clocks that needed restoration. The clock has now been brought back to its original beauty, and is a wonderful example of a railway-house cuckoo clock with a oil painting on tin.

The oil painting is a magnificent scene of a hunter and two children "bird catchers" looking up at the cuckoo in the old tree. This painting is based on the design of Lucian Reichs C. 1850/51. The cuckoo appears behind the small door concealed within the painting.

We have owned and seen many tinplate cuckoo clocks over the years, but this particular motif in the traditional Bahnhäusle case is one of our favorites.

We are always looking to add other examples of cuckoo clocks with fine oil paintings to our collection. If you have an example you would like us to make an offer on please contact us through our website at



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