Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Very Rare "Beha Cuckoo Clock" made by Johann Baptist Beha, Eisenbach with eye-turner "Augenwender" complication

This cuckoo clock is hands down one the best cuckoo clocks in our collection. The clock in in magnificent condition, and is an excellent example of Beha's work for the 1860's.

The Biedermeier case has an ebonized finish with extensive inlay work of brass, zinc, and colored turtle shell.

The dial is zinc, and is decorated with 12 enamel cartouches that are set in gilded embossed brass bezels. This is one of the most elegant dials that can be found on a cuckoo clock.

The clock utilizes a wood plate movement with double fusees, and has a running duration of 8-days.

What really makes this clock rare is the miniature oil painting that is seen behind glass in the base of the clock. As the pendulum swings an eye from the dog and hare move with the swing of the pendulum adding a very subtle animated display.

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