Monday, February 23, 2009

The Restoration of a Emilian Wehrle Trumpeter

The Wehrle trumpeter that was added to the collection a few weeks ago is back to its original Glory!

This weekend I sat down and finished the musical restoration...after 19 hours of has paid off.

The chest was gone through 100%. All the old paper was removed on the bottom, exposing the air channels... they were cleaned and new hand grained paper was added to reseal them tight.

All the valves were stripped and redone with new leathers from Colombia Organ Leathers. These valves include the two in the bellows, the two for the main pressure chamber and well as the 8 pallet valves.

The old gaskets were stripped off and replaced with new leathers.

New skins were also done on the bellows.

One of the 8 Reeds was not firing off properly, with a re-adjustment to the tongue this problem was addressed.

After the chest was complete and reassembled and tested it was placed back on the movement...

I adjusted the lift levers, music wheel position and and the spring tension (springs on bellow tops)

I dont think this clock played any better when it left the factory in Furtwangen, Germany in the 1880's.

I have put together a 4 minute video to better showcase this clock.

I will be adding the 9 pipe flute clock made by Emilian Wehrle we have in the collection in the next few weeks.




Anonymous said...

Marvellous workmanship, but very disappointed not to hear it play.

Justin said...

Just finish the video... it plays at the end.

dolf said...

Very nice, as always.