Thursday, March 5, 2009

A carved Black Forest Musical 8 day Regulator with Upright Disk

This Black Forest carved musical regulator was made C 1880. The clock is unsigned and the maker is unknown.
The carvings are done well, and are all walnut. The clock has a nice motif of two full relief mountain goats on a rock ledge, overlooking the clock. The movement in this piece is a large brass plate, 8 day, musical movement. The gears in this movement are very robust. The bottom Gears on this musical clock that engage the musical disk are 3/8” thick and hand cut. The movement in this clock is a musical movement, with a clock incorporated. This large movement has a large double butterfly that extends out the top, this butterfly regulates the speed at which it turns a large upright disk…as well as all the drive gears and cam wheels to start and stop the music. As the large gear on the bottom of the movement rotates the musical disk that is mounted to a cast iron bedplate across the musical combs… the tune...“ Long Long Ago” fills the room. The carved front door creates a lattice for the music to escape into the room, and was done well. The upright disk is silvered, meaning it was always intended to be seen. While many musical clocks will activate a separate musical movement or music box, the clock works in this piece is the musical movement and provides everything needed…that along with the upright disk is a sign of a high quality piece. While the clock appears in every way to be a production piece, we have never seen another, or found anyone that has either. Most likely it was a piece made as a pre production run, or in very low production by a company that never went into full production.
It is a nice unusual musical clock that we enjoy having as part of our collection.

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