Saturday, May 1, 2010

A Black Forest Musical Carillion Shield Clock "Spieluhren" playing 6 tunes on 11 bells

This next clock in our collection is an excellent example of early Black Forest horology.

Before the musical trumpeter clocks of Emilian Wehrle,there were some wonderful musical clocks made in the Black Forest. Although these early musical clocks are rarely seen outside museums in Europe, they are some of the most desirable of the Black Forest clocks to private collectors.

These early musical clocks include clocks that play on Glass bells,metal bells, strings(harp clocks or Hackbrettuhr)and wood pipes(flute clock).

This is an example of a early Black Forest Spieluhren. The early wood plate,wood arbor three train movement will strike the hour on a large bell located on the top of the clock.

After the hour is called the clock will play one of 6 musical tunes on a nest of 11 tuned bronze bells. By shifting the large pinned wheel you can change the tune.

This example is a true museum quality clock, a fantastic untouched well cared for example that has aged well. We are honored to be able to be its care taker, and are committed to make sure it survives for future generations to enjoy. It has a place in our collection next to a early harp clock (hackbrettuhr). We are still searching for an early Flute clock and a Glass bell Spieluhren. If you have an example of either one of these pieces we would love to hear from you.


Justin J. Miller

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